Homestead Day Tour Hanoi- 80$
Hanoi Homestead is located on a scenic hill comfortably nestled between the mountains. The Homestead is situated to the west of suburban Hanoi in a traditional and diverse agricultural landscape (with ponds, streams, lakes and rivers), among some of the most ancient wet rice civilisations in the world.  

*Hanoi Homestead Tour* 

At 8.00, tour guide will pick you up in your hotel, then driving 70Km "1.5 hour" to Hanoi Homestead where you will visit traditional agricultural villages and enjoy the amazing scenery among clear, fresh air in an intimate atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to actually participate in agricultural activities that characterise Vietnamese culture, such as: cultivating rice, fishing with equipment made of bamboo, growing and harvesting various vegetables and herbs, collecting honey from bees, making dried tea (tea picking and processing) feeding cows, goats and rabbits…even emus.

You can choose to visit the green tea gardens and vast corn fields on the backs of ancient rivers which have formed the Red River Delta in North Vietnam over thousands of years. With our range of buildings and equipment including an ancient wooden house, a traditional house on stilts and a clay house - combined with our professional staff - visitors are assured of a relaxing and informative time at  homestead. Homestead is a unique concept in Vietnam. Stay with us for a day, or several days, and relax while we introduce you to a range of traditional farming and cultural lifestyles.

At 12.30, enjoy a local lunch, then will drive 45Km to Hung King Temple (Den Hung), is a complex of temples first built in the 10th century A.D on the Nghia Linh Mountains of Phu Tho province, the Temple is dedicated to Hung Kings, the Founder Kings of Van Lang, the first Vietnamese-identity kingdom dated back to 2879 B.C.

“Whoever goes up the hill and down the dale. 

Every year, a large number of visitors from all over the country participate a national festival - Hung King Temple Festival - an incense offering ceremony in honor of Hung Kings, who were instrumental in the founding of the nation. The Hung King Temple Festival is annually held from 8th to the 11th days of the third lunar month.

At 14.30, you will climb up around 500 stone steps and down in 2 hours to visit  3 temples such as  Den Ha (lower temple= 225 steps), Den Trung (middle temple= 168 steps), Den Thuong (upper temple= 102 steps). The top of the 175 metre high of Nghia Linh mountain, you'll come to Den Thuong (upper temple) where Hung Kings and the Royal Court worshiped the King of Heaven and other Gods wishing the Kingdom to be granted with clement weather for bumper crops.

Each year, the key ceremony takes place at the Hung Temple, the northwest of Hanoi. A procession starts at the foot of the mountain and stops at every temple on the ascent before pilgrims offer prayers and incense to the Hung Kings when they reach the Hung Temple.

After having climbed up to the Upper Temple, travelers continue to take another road to the last stop, Gieng (Well) Temple, at the foot of the mountain. Gieng Temple is said to be a miraculous place for those who want to pray for their loved ones. The temple is so called because there is a well where princesses Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa had often come to use as a mirror.

At 16.30, driver will take you back Hanoi on the highway in 1.5 hour

At 18.00, say goodbye with friendly tour guide and driver, see you next time.

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Private tour


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*Standard class include: 

- Tour guide, car, entrance fees, water, lunch.

*Superior class include:  

- Tour guide, car, entrance fees, water, lunch.

- At 19.00, Street Food Court for 1.5 hour 

*Exclude in package: personal expenses, tips for any good services "appreciation".

                                    Enjoy your time with us!

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