Hanoi Fish Restaurant, Grilled Fish Restaurant- 5USD
Hanoi Street Food Cafe, located in old quarter Hanoi, It is place to serve Vietnamese cuisines and drinks.

     **Hanoi Street Food Cafe**       

With 2nd, 3rd floors with nice view of old street in Hanoi city, you will enjoy some popular street food and drinks. It is served by locals in Hanoi.

We will give you an experience to taste local food and drink, we ensue that the food is handled hygienically and provide a comfortable venue for the tastings. The benefit that you can come back.

Locals will introduce to you about ingredients and recipe of cooking if you want to know how to cook.

*Opening time: 11.00- 14.00 & 18.00- 21.00* 



01. Sticky rice "Xoi Xeo"

02. Hanoi baguette "Banh Mi"

03. Hanoi grilled fish "Cha Ca"

04. Fried spring roll "Nem Ran"

05. Grilled pork, fresh noodle "Bun Cha"

06. Crispy pancake"Banh Xeo"

07. Fresh spring roll "Goi Cuon"

08. Steam rice paper, rolling pancake 

09. Noodle soup, chicken/or beef

10. Hanoi beer, egg coffee


3USD/ dish

2USD/ each

5USD/ dish

2USD/ dish 

3USD/ dish

4USD/ dish

2USD/ dish

2USD/ dish 

3USD/ dish 

2USD/ glass

*Hanoi Street Food Cafe, 64 Nguyen Huu Huan, old quarter*

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