Coronavirus for Vietnam Travel 2020, Corona Virus Coming Vietnam??
Vietnam Business Operations and the Coronavirus

Vietnam has confirmed three new cases of the novel coronavirus infection on Vietnamese nationals who had returned from Wuhan. Two of the patients are residing in the capital Hanoi, while the third one is from Thanh Hoa province.
This is in addition to the two Chinese nationals that were confirmed with the infection and had arrived from Wuhan. While one has recovered, the other patient continues to receive treatment at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam stopped issuing visas for Chinese tourists on January 30 as a temporary measure.
Several border gates between Vietnam and China in the northern province of Lang Son have suspended imports and exports until February 9. Government officials also stated that cross-border trade between Vietnam and China is not encouraged for the time being.

Vietnam’s civil aviation authority suspended all flights to and from virus affected areas in China from January 29.
Vietnam’s airports have been ordered to deploy additional personnel and coordinate with local health agencies to deploy body temperature scanning equipment as well as a screening of passengers
Vietnam has currently declared four cases of the coronavirus infection; however, we have concerns that more cases will arise. Chinese nationals arriving in Vietnam will face additional checks and screening, particularly as they return after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Recent developments indicate that some Chinese travelers may have already been infected but not realized it – the virus appears to have a non-symptomatic 7-14 day incubation period. Further border checks and other travel restrictions are possible given the rapidly evolving developments

Businesses operating in Vietnam need to start preparing for an escalation of the coronavirus in Vietnam and be prepared for measures taken by the authorities to get enforced with little or no notice. 

The Tet (Vietnamese New Year) holidays just concluded on January 29, with staff returning to office from January 30. Should Vietnam introduce travel restrictions, the attendance of office staff may be impacted.

We recommend businesses in Vietnam contact their staff to ascertain where they are and discuss any regional or national advisories concerning travel. Staff experiencing any cough or flu-like symptoms should not return to the office or factory.

We are providing updates and advisories concerning ASEAN (as well as Vietnam) on this article here.

To prepare for business measures in Vietnam, we recommend reading through this article here, which contains advisory for businesses operating in China, but may also be required should an outbreak extend to affect businesses operating in Vietnam. We strongly advise precautionary measures begin to be taken.

While travel to Vietnam can continue, we recommend taking precautions and following advice from Vietnam’s Ministry of Health.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available. 

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