Hanoi nostalgic tour 1/2 day: 45$

The subsidy period for more than 40 years ago, is the term used in Vietnam to refer to a period when most economic activities are subsidized by the government under a planned economy. Accordingly, private enterprise was abolished, giving way to collective and state-owned economies. Limiting people’s freedom to buy and sell in the market or transport goods from one locality to another.

The household registration system was established to distribute food and other necessities based on the number of people in each household, exemplified by the rice ration book that each family was required to have and the goods that a particular family was allowed to purchase.

“The tour from 8.30- 12.30 or 10.00- 14.00, and 17.00- 21.00″

8.30. Tour guide will pick up your hotel, then transfer to Eiffel bridge where you visit train track and a historic bridge in Hanoi that was built over a century ago. It spans the Red River and offers beautiful views of the city, you can walk to see its unique architecture and learn about its history.

Walking 30 minutes around Bronze casting village, it has long been known as one of the most prestigious crafts village in ancient capital, the statues express the intelligence, talent, peculiar know-how, diligence and creativeness of artisans.

Resting at a subsidy period eatery where the owner recreates the living space in the past and dishes from the rationed era for you to experience and relive the memories of the 1980s. This place offers a nostalgic atmosphere with old-fashioned decoration, with ration stamps, rice coupon books, oil lamps and the Phoenix bicycle brand……

Enjoying a simple meal with the traditional menu, is also strongly influenced by the old days such as: scorched rice, steamed rice with cassava, pickles, stewed crucian carp, veggie soup……. They will be are served on enameled iron bowls and plates, it is peaceful surroundings.

This special place is aimed at evoking the once hard life and helping younger generations catch a glimpse of the past, and they looks forward to a brighter future.

12.30, you will finish the experience, see you again!

Private tour

No of travelers1pax2-3 pax4-6pax
 USD/1 person$55$45$40

*Included: English tour guide, car, meal, drink.

*Excluded: Tips (not compulsory).

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